Epic Learning: Large Class as Intentional Design

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Northern California Writing Project teacher-consultant Kim Jaxon’s jumbo-sized composition class is designed to harness the collaboration, virality, and spontaneous exchange of “epic learning.”

Lesson Ideas for Mobile Learning

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New media educator Howard Rheingold interviews professor Shelly Terrell about her new book, which highlights the power of students’ mobile devices to drive learning in and out of the classroom.

Educating for Participatory Politics in the Digital Age

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To promote digital civic learning opportunities, teams from Educating for Participatory Politics (EPP) participated in a webinar series sharing their experiences in working with educators to develop a framework of the core practices of participatory politics that articulate a new vision for civic education. This work featured two Educator Innovator partners: Youth and Participatory Politics and Facing History and Ourselves.

Essential Learning Curves: Engage the Imagination at DML 2015

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Learn more about the upcoming Digital Media & Learning Conference where some of the nation’s top scholars and practitioners in digital media and education will come together to think about how learning organizations and institutions can explore ways for youth to engage in meaningful and relevant learning. There will also be Saturday workshops geared specifically for educators.