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Using Paper and Electronics to Support Multiple Literacies and Creative Learning (Part 2 of 3)

Join NEXMAP for a back to school series,"Literacy, Craft, Civic Engagement – A Paper Circuitry Project for L2P 2.0," spanning August and September that explores how young people can use paper circuitry to voice their opinions and showcase creative expression. The NEXMAP team will help both educators and young people explore how to use paper circuitry to write a letter to the next president and provide templates for easily doing so. This series of webinars features teacher leaders from California, Texas and Ohio and addresses the many ways paper and electronics support multiple literacies and creative learning. The first session, Part I,… Read more

From Research to Public Voice: Supporting Youth’s Writing for Civic Advocacy

Youth’s research into civic issues that engage their interests and ignite their passions can represent powerful learning experiences. Yet the genre of the academic research paper isn’t the most effective means for engaging in civic advocacy. In this session, the National Writing Project will introduce a draft of its Civically Engaged Writing Analysis Continuum (CEWAC), comprised of two interconnected rubrics  - one focused on research about civic issues and the second on public arguments. Three teacher-leaders engaged in this work will share their students’ writing and consider the implications of these tools for teaching and learning. We will focus primarily… Read more

Listening, Leading, and Learning in Community during the 2016 Election

How do teachers invite students to both be themselves and become a community in these times? Alan Singer has been sharing suggestions at Huffington Post for teachers during this election season, writing, "Our obligation is not to maintain some abstract form of 'balance' in the classroom, but to help students become critical thinkers who learn to listen to others, evaluate their statements carefully and respectfully, and support conclusions with evidence." Participants in this webinar will explore this assertion further and discuss how this election season can be a time to uncover students' passions and interests and learn together how to live… Read more

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CLMOOC is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone interested in making, playing, and learning together about the educational framework known as Connected Learning.

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