3M Your Back to School

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Mobile, mash, and magic—”3Ms” of digital learning and teaching from Dr. Lisa Hervey, Senior Research Scholar for the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative at NC State University. Hervey encourages the use of the 3Ms to ignite students’ curiosity and creativity.

Common Sense Education Launches Digital Bytes

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What does walking on water, a nine-year-old cardboard magnate, rotoscoping, and communities of kindness all have to do with each other? They are all part of Common Sense’s new informal learning program called Digital Bytes, a brand-new site for teens ages 13, and up to discover, analyze, and explore what it means to be a digital citizen in today’s tech- and media- rich landscape.

Circuit Stickers, Notebook Hacking and Learning as Debugging

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I’ve been writing for 45 years, and have always owned more physical notebooks than I need at any one time, and I’m an enthusiastic novice at electronics, so several of my antennae tingled vigorously when I first came across the term “circuit stickers” — peel-and-stick circuitry and components that are flat enough to make paper […]