Nashville Library Gives Incarcerated Teens the Freedom to Create

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How a local public library in Nashville is using digital media to help teens see themselves as readers, and much more. It began with a simple library lending program. When funding for the library at the Woodland Hills Development Center in Nashville, Tennessee, was slashed in 2015, the staff there reached out to their local […]

Using Technology to Support At-Risk Youth

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The nation’s 23.8 million non-dominant students comprise nearly half of the school population, and many of them are underserved by their school systems, particularly when it comes to technology use. Walk into one of the under-resourced schools in which many of these young people spend their days and you’re liable to notice that although SMART Boards may have replaced blackboards and some computers may be visible around the room, in many cases there are few differences between today and the previous century in the ways classroom tools are leveraged for learning.