Here’s Why You Should Step into the Future with Facing History

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This Sunday and Monday, Join our partner Facing History for Face the Future, a global virtual game about what the future of empathy might look like, and how that impacts our choices today. Read more from Jane McGonigal, world-renowned game designer and Director of Games Research and Development at the Institute for the Future, about why you should care about imagining the future.

Minecraft for Coding and Afterschool: An Invitation to Educators

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Learn about a new set of offerings from Connected Camps geared to the schedules and rhythms of the school year. Connected Camps is a benefit corporation providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and interest-driven learning through Minecraft.

What is it About Minecraft?

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Earlier this month, community members and counselors from Summer of Minecraft gathered at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts to reflect on their experiences in the online summer camp organized by Connected Camps. Summer of Minecraft enabled kids ages 9-13 to hone their skills in the creative, construction-based game with the help […]

What a Game Jam Taught Los Angeles Teens—and Their Teachers

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See how the Critical Design and Gaming School (C:\DAGS) in South Central Los Angeles has taken a new approach to education through game-based learning. This weekend game jam was the culmination of a year of professional development supported by a 2014 LRNG Innovation Challenge grant.

Game Jams in the Classroom

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In this post, Matt Farber—a social studies teacher and author of Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning—discusses the iterative process he and his students explored while designing games to teach the American Revolution.

Deconstructing Learning Games: Good vs. Bad

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Learning games have it rough. Non-learning games are designed around a single primary goal: player enjoyment. That can be challenging enough to accomplish, but learning games have two primary goals: enjoyment plus learning. This can feel like a struggle. Often, it seems like learning and fun are diametrically opposed ideas, dooming learning games to be […]

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By Maureen Kelleher Recent research and innovative school practices show how games—both digital and non-digital—inspire young learners. The secret? Games tap into the power of interest-driven learning. What is the fastest way a teacher can spark students’ curiosity and channel their internal motivation to learn? Make a game of it. Research on how video games […]