Teens at the Nexus of Fashion, Gaming, and Technology

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A program based in Brooklyn, NY, makes learning enticing for teenagers, combining topics they might already know a thing or two about: fashion, technology, and video games. “Playable Fashion” began in 2012 as an afterschool program at the nonprofit art and technology studio Eyebeam. Today the teenage participants learn about electronics, coding, and “wearable technology” […]

Minecraft for Coding and Afterschool: An Invitation to Educators

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Learn about a new set of offerings from Connected Camps geared to the schedules and rhythms of the school year. Connected Camps is a benefit corporation providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and interest-driven learning through Minecraft.

What a Game Jam Taught Los Angeles Teens—and Their Teachers

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See how the Critical Design and Gaming School (C:\DAGS) in South Central Los Angeles has taken a new approach to education through game-based learning. This weekend game jam was the culmination of a year of professional development supported by a 2014 LRNG Innovation Challenge grant.

Game Jams in the Classroom

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In this post, Matt Farber—a social studies teacher and author of Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning—discusses the iterative process he and his students explored while designing games to teach the American Revolution.

Getting Games Right: How GlassLab Makes Products Teachers Want

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GlassLab, an Educator Innovator partner, aims to identify what teachers want in games by employing and soliciting input from a collaborative crew of educators, game designers, and scientists. The GlassLab Teacher Network gives participating educators the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the company and share lesson plans with their peers.