Librarians Lead the Way to Digital Literacy

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Librarians have been on the front lines of information literacy for years, putting them in a prime position to help youth learn to navigate a complex and growing world of digital information and news.

Lesson Ideas for Mobile Learning

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New media educator Howard Rheingold interviews professor Shelly Terrell about her new book, which highlights the power of students’ mobile devices to drive learning in and out of the classroom.

Break the Election with MediaBreaker/Studios

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A brief history of political advertising and an invitation to “Break the Election” from our partner The LAMP. Students and educators can use their MediaBreaker/Studios tool to remix and critically dissect election advertising and media.

Learning to Measure Media Literacy Outcomes

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To measure the impact of its media literacy programs and tools, our partner, The Lamp developed an assessment rubric to analyze the work created by students and how that form of activism enables the role a student plays in a participatory digital culture.

Letters to the Next President 2.0

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Our partner Edutopia explains how Letters to the Next President 2.0—hosted by the National Writing Project, KQED and Educator Innovator partners—can productively bring the presidential election into classrooms to improve students’ argumentative writing and media literacy.