Developing Curriculum for Universal Web Literacy

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How do you teach and learn in ways you can’t imagine teaching and learning? Chad Sansing, Curriculum Developer for Web Literacy with the Mozilla Foundation, offers his ideas on future curriculums that involve an open process, hyper-localizability, sustainability, and a future-facing design when implementing Universal Web Literacy.

Maker Party 2015 is Right Around the Corner: July 15 – July 31!

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The biggest party of the year is right around the corner! In 2014, Maker Party brought together almost 130,000 people who hosted more than 2,500 hands-on, community-run events across 86 countries. And they built some 44,000 projects — fun, funky, and useful apps, web pages, and games that made the Web a more exciting place. […]

Learning Through Making: The Best Kind of Education

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Learning scientists and educational philosophers have long understood that when we learn with the combination of our hands and our minds, we see the best results. In the realm of science, this process is called “inquiry”—it encourages curious learners and scientific researchers alike to interact with the natural world to better understand it. In the […]

How to Be Smart About Data Privacy – Join the Webinar January 28th

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Do you know who has access to your private data? When so much of our personal information is available online, it is difficult to know what is ours, what are the threats, and how we can stay in control of our personal data. Join Mozilla Webmaker on Data Privacy Day for a #TeachTheWeb webinar and chat. January 28th at 12:00 p.m. PST/ 3:00 p.m. EST.

Free Webmaker Training Starts May 12

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By Laura Hilliger, Mozilla Foundation Training and Curriculum Lead Mozilla’s Webmaker Training is all about connection. It is about connecting with other people who are passionate about spreading digital and web literacies. It is the interaction with the people around you that will make this a successful learning experience. Webmaker Training is meant to be […]