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This webinar explores how writing can support students in (1) strengthening conceptual understanding of scientific phenomena, (2) engaging in practices related to thinking and communicating like scientists, and (3) moving science knowledge and practices beyond subject and school boundaries into action in local and global communities. The webinar also includes a discussion about writing in science classrooms with an eye toward audience, purpose, genre, mode, argument, evidence, inquiry, and text.

Participants for this Webinar Include: 

  • Trey Smith (Host) – 2014-15 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow on Capitol Hill; Philadelphia Writing Project teacher consultant; Northwestern University Learning Sciences PhD student
  • Aida Awad – 2016-17 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the Department of Energy; National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Secretary/Treasurer & Past President
  • Linda Denstaedt – Oakland Writing Project co-director; NWP College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) leadership team; co-author of Doing and Making Authentic Literacies
  • June Teisan – 2014-15 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NOAA; Network of Michigan Educators past-president; NBCT
  • Rebecca Vieyra – 2014-15 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NASA; American Association of Physics Teachers K-12 program manager; NBCT

Resources for this webinar:

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