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Why is Connected Educator Month so crucial right now, what lessons are we learning from it, and what is next for the Connected Educators initiative?

Key Questions and Comments:

  • (08:48) We launched the National Education Technology Plan that really focused on “How do we actually power up the learning environment, and transform the system by leveraging the power of technology?”
  • (09:23) How do you fully connect students with their own learning? How do you build agency? How do you connect in-school and out-of-school? How do you make sure that they’re connecting to their own personal stories?
  • (09:50) How do we make sure everybody has the right feedback and the right information, when and where they need it, to progress on their own learning trajectory?
  • (20:02) We thought if we could spend a month really engaging with all these folks who are doing amazing work…then we might be able to get a lot more educators connected, and make connections within ourselves as a community that’s already committed to online, personalized professional learning for educators.
  • (25:43) I think that the idea of having a central place, if this can be sustainable, and something that we can continue on an ongoing basis–I would just highly endorse that we keep this going.
  • (29:34) Instead of saying ‘[The U.S. Dept of Education] will control [Connected Educator Month] from on high,’ they came in with a spirit of connected education…without a lot of top-down kind of control. That has been an awesome model and has actually spurred the kinds of collaboration that I was hoping would happen.
  • (34:08) There’s a lot of stuff that’s invisible to us right now…that I think is drawing people in. It’s encouraging and I look forward to having access to all of this throughout the years that continue to work with educators face-to-face, locally.
  • (37:21) The way to really stay connected today in our technology-driven culture is to be connected and hang onto the internet as much as possible.
  • (40:33) What can we do about the bottleneck of bandwidth at the schools and in the classrooms?
  • (42:51) “I am interested in how we build an ethos of support among superintendents for connected learning? Key leaders who either control, explicitly or implicitly, the connection flow for kids and teachers?”
  • (53:07) We use the word “personal” a lot. Aren’t we curious what might happen when we truly facilitate curiosities versus our assumed basic/foundational content?

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