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What roles can Open Learning and Educational Technology play in overcoming educational inequalities and providing learners with maximum opportunity and agency?

On Tuesday, May 12 from 10:00am-11:00am PT (1:00-2:00pm ET), Alan Levine and Audrey Watters converse about the roles of Open Learning and Education Technology in addressing educational inequalities as they relate to access and technology. Other topics included moving beyond the “digital divide” conversation and how to provide learners with maximum agency in EdTech approaches.

This webinar was part of a May 2015 series titled Equity by Design: A DML 2015 Showcase, in which themes from the 2015 Digital Media and Learning conference are highlighted. Check out all the details at http://bit.ly/CLTVDML2015

From this Series:

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During the broadcast, the conversation also took place on Twitter using the hashtags #connectedlearning and #DML2015.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Audrey Watters – Education journalist focusing on Ed-tech who encourages audiences within and beyond education and Ed-tech to consider the the implications of technology for teaching and learning
  • Alan Levine – “Pedagogical Technologist,”consultant, and writer on the application of new technologies to education and new forms of web storytelling

Resources for this webinar:

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