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In “Feedback is Immediate and Ongoing,” teachers discussed how games—even non-digital games—have influenced the way they think about assessment.

Through a new professional development program focused on games and game design, teachers from Allegheny County in Pennsylvania have found a way to go beyond mastery of core subjects and integrate 21st century skills in their classroom practice. In this series of webinars from Institute of Play’s TeacherQuest PD program, educators shared how they learned to design games and what that experience taught them about student learning and their own learning. With examples from PD to the classroom, these webinars explored how game design changed the way we teach, learn, and assess the skills that are critical for success in today’s world.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Missy Capozzoli, Teacher, Founders’ Hall Middle School
  • Gwen Cohen, Teacher, Hampton Middle School
  • Lisa Machado, Teacher, Neil Armstrong Middle School
  • Paul Oh, Senior Program Associate, National Writing Project
  • Daniel O’Keefe, North Carolina Regional Director, Institute of Play
  • Jennifer Sikorski, Teacher, Founders Hall Middle School

Resources from the webinar:

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