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There is a long history of examining the aims, purposes & growth of work produced by young learners. But how does looking closely at student work need to change based on the affordances of the digital age?

Tuesday, June 17, from 10-11am PT (1-2pm ET), we hung out with +Andrew Sliwinski, +Kylie Peppler, +Troy Hicks & Tina Blythe. We explored how digital tools & platforms influenced the creation–and evaluation–of student work in the 21st century.

This webinar was part of a June series called “Looking Closely at Student Work in the Digital Age.” Check out all the details at http://bit.ly/lookingclosely

From this Series:

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During the broadcast, the conversation also took place on Twitter using the hashtag #connectedlearning.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Andrew Sliwinski – Co-Founder of DIY.org; designer and engineer focused on improving how we play and learn
  • Troy Hicks – Associate Professor at Central Michigan University; Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project
  • Kylie Peppler – Assistant Professor in the Learning Sciences Program at Indiana University; Director at Creativity Labs
  • Tina Blythe – Co-author of “Looking Together at Student Work”; Learning Group Leader at Project Zero

Resources for this webinar:


#ConnectedLearning Discussion on Twitter


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