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A follow-up to the February 17 webinar/chat on An Action Plan for Achieving Success in Participatory Politics.

Questions such as the following were addressed:

  • When starting a new action/campaign/project, what are your first steps?
  • How important is public perception to your work? And how do you manage their expectations?
  • What can you/your community do if your action plan is just not gaining any traction?
  • Looking back at your own work, are there any mistakes or ‘rookie moves’ you could have avoided?
  • What is your one Tweetable piece of advice to those who want to start a political/social/civic action?


From this Series:

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During the broadcast, the conversation also took place on Twitter using the hashtags #connectedlearning and #ByAnyMedia.

The Speakers:

Twitter Chat was led by @TheCLAlliance and @ByAnyMedia.

Resources for this webinar:


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