3M Your Back to School

September 11, 2015
By Educator Innovator

Mobile, mash, and magic—”3Ms” of digital learning and teaching from Dr. Lisa Hervey, Senior Research Scholar for the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative at NC State University. Hervey encourages the use of the 3Ms to ignite students’ curiosity and creativity.

MASH to reclaim the creative space. Tablets, digital cameras, videoconferencing technology and mobile devices can often spark and encourage students’ creativity. Why not take advantage of the many possibilities, and encourage students to mash (a classic rock song put to a well-known hip-hop beat may be considered a mashup) using classroom technology to create multimedia projects via video, audio and other content they create to explore and demonstrate their subject matter expertise. To capture the different elements of the mashup activity, could your students keep a portfolio of their work in a Symbaloo?”

By Lisa Hervey, Ph.D., NBCT
Photo/ Jason Miczek

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