An Hour of Code: Webmaking and Writing

December 06, 2013
By Educator Innovator

By Laura Hilliger, PD & Curriculum Lead at the Mozilla Foundation

As part of next week’s Hour of Code, Educator Innovator partner Mozilla Webmaker will be leading several webinars, events and projects, which you can read about here. Additionally, Atul Varma and I are hosting a Geekout that combines writing and webmaking to Make a Beautiful Kinetic Text. “The Make a Beautiful…” series is a collection of National Writing Project-created webmaker resources that explore different writing topics and genres while providing learners an opportunity to play with and remix webpages.

In an informal Geekout on Thursday, Dec. 12, participants will work together to compose a collaborative poem and then animate it. We’ll collectively come up with story rules, then write the text and animate it using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We’ll play it by ear and see what happens! The session will be live streaming and recorded. Join us!