April Webinar Series Focuses on Newly Published Connected Learning eBook

By Nicole Mirra and Antero Garcia

We’re very excited to be working with Connected Learning TV to host a series of webinars throughout the month of April that delve more deeply into themes that emerged from the recently published eBook, Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom.

The webinars will take place each Tuesday in April from 10-11 am PST, beginning April 1, at the Connected Learning TV website and will feature dialogue between teachers, contributors to the eBook, and experts in Connected Learning.

The eBook, available as a free pdf download, brings together the voices of innovative educators from across the country and shares their experiences of integrating Connected Learning into the work they do with young people in school and community contexts. These narratives were drawn from the National Writing Project’s Digital Is website, a collection of resources written by teachers, for teachers, about powerful classroom practices.

One of our major goals in developing the eBook, and this webinar series, is to create a dialogue between educators working in a variety of contexts to continue to define what Connected Learning is and what it can be. We want to highlight how teachers are creating theory and designing intentional learning spaces for their students using new media tools and ensure that they remain key participants in the digital media learning community.

Please join the conversation by attending the webinar series, Equity and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom: Explore, Connect, Transform with National Writing Project, each Tuesday in April at 10 am PST at the Connected Learning TV website. The series culminates with an unHangout on Tuesday, April 29th at 1 pm PST, during which all are welcome to chat with various contributors to the eBook and discuss ideas to bring Connected Learning into their own work.

Here’s a brief rundown of each webinar:

April 1st, 10 am PST: Networked Classrooms: The Role of Schools in Providing Equitable Access to Connected Learning

April 8th, 10 am PST: Classrooms as Community Hubs: The Role of Schools in Developing Open Digital Networks

April 15th, 10 am PST: Multiple Paths to Success: The Role of Schools in Promoting Peer-Supported Learning Grounded in Student Interests

April 22nd, 10 am PST: Citizens in the Making: The Role of Schools in Inspiring Students to Engage in Transformative Civic Learning

April 29th, 1 pm PST: unHangout