Back to School with American Creed

August 30, 2018
By Educator Innovator

This fall, communities across the country will continue conversations about what it means to be American today, inspired by the film American Creed which will be re-released by PBS later this season. Additionally, youth will continue to have the opportunity to engage with this film and related conversations by sharing their own responses and stories at the Writing Our Future: American Creed publishing site.

Whether you teach in a school, a library, or a community center, we welcome the young learners/writers you work with to join the conversation!

Start by being inspired.

Through the summer we have been highlighting a range of work published by youth from Alaska to Virginia. In fact, since our launch in February 2018, hundreds of youth have responded. Take a moment now and explore the voices and approaches from across the country. The responses from youth include video interviews, essays, and even poems that feature the diversity and embrace the complexities of America and being American.

Some highlights have included:

What Does it Mean to be American? by Eddie from Montana

American Dream by Culture in Nebraska

In Search of the American Dream by Morgan, Samantha, and Louise in Northern California

My Family’s Journey to the American Creed by Estanfano in Alaska

Dear Grandchild from Sara in Michigan

Next, find educator resources.

These can support you in thinking about how to use this film and the related stories in your classroom and/or learning space.

Finally, sign up.

If you’re ready to jump right in, sign up your school or organization. Throughout the fall we will continue to publish monthly bulletins featuring youth work as well as educator resources. Sign up for the newsletter to receive these updates. (If you sign up as a participant you will also receive the bulletins). You can also join us at the American Creed G+ Community where you can communicate with others and share.