Carry the summer spirit on through the school year

August 15, 2013
By Educator Innovator

Educator Innovator was launched at the Department of Education’s Re-imagining Education Summit, and within days the Summer of Making and Connecting was underway. And now it’s time to carry the spirit of the summer back into the school year.

Thousands of educators across all kinds of institutions—from schools and universities, libraries and museums, and community-based and after-school organizations—were off on journeys of peer learning, creative making, and online connecting. Across Mozilla’s #webmakers mooc, National Writing Project’s #clmooc, and, innovative educators explored the principles of creative and connected learning in open, interest-driven communities. Thousands more attended maker parties, summer institutes, EdCamps, and Educator Innovator partner events. Across the spectrum of activities, participants followed their interests and sought joy in learning. And now, the school year is upon us.

No matter who we are, if we work with youth or have young people at home…we go back to school. How can we keep that spirit of creative and connected learning alive in our work all year long? How can we make our classrooms, libraries, museums and afterschool programs into centers for innovation?

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