CLMOOC Heats Up—Join KQED and the National Park Service for the Final Weeks

July 22, 2015
By Educator Innovator

As the 2015 CLMOOC continues through a fifth Make Cycle, we’re excited that our Educator Innovator partners, KQED and the National Park Service, will be leading the final two weeks!

As a reminder, participants can join in at any time—so sign up today to share in the fun!

Make Cycle #5

Led by Northern California public media organization, KQED, Make Cycle #5 invites the CLMOOC community to explore public spaces and their meaning through digital storytelling and making.

Why public spaces?
The fight to keep the internet public and the disappearance of public spaces are timely issues in our society. Additionally, we believe there are interesting connections between the public spaces we interact in and the media we make. Let’s explore those public spaces through digital storytelling to see what these connections are.

For the Make this week, participants are invited to create a digital story about a public space—physical or digital—that holds an important meaning to them or their community.

Examples of these physical and digital public spaces include:

  • Parks
  • The Internet
  • Libraries
  • Virtual Worlds and MMOs
  • Museums
  • CLMOOC, itself!

More from Make Cycle #5…

Twitter Chat
Our facilitators, KQED, will lead a Twitter chat Thursday, July 23, via the hashtag #clmooc at 1 p.m. PDT/4 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. UTC.

Coming Up…Make Cycle #6

Stayed tuned for Make Cycle #6 when we’ll be joined by the National Park Service. They will help us #FindYourPark with a special #CLMOOC twist!

It’s never too late to connect to the various spaces of CLMOOC, including: