Connected Courses Begins September 15

September 05, 2014
By Educator Innovator

Connected Courses, a free open online learning experience that starts September 15th, is designed to get educators ready to teach open, connected courses no matter what kind of higher-ed institution they’re working in.

The 12-week course will focus on how blended learning, openness, and collaboration can improve practices and allow for the development of new and innovative open approaches. The instructors, award-winning university professors from around the globe, are the innovative educators behind successful connected courses such as FemTechNet, ds106, #PHONAR, and the National Writing Project ‘s CLMOOC. In a post outlining the intent and goals of the program, Connected Courses instructor Mia Zamora says:

“In Connected Courses we will discover and learn together while demystifying the tools and trade of openness. We will explore why you might want to run a connectivist learning experience, how to get started, how to connect online and offline participants, and how to MAKE things that support this kind of learning. We will talk about building networks, maintaining networks, and diversifying networks. Let’s start to make action plans together for connected teaching in the 21st century.”

No need to worry about the formality of traditional online coursework. Connected Courses encourages participants to mix and match based on their interests and availability. Whether taking each unit or joining just one, participants can jump in when they like, and can move at their own pace. The online experience will guide participants from around the world who are looking to:

  • Get hands-on with the tools of openness;
  • Create open educational resources, curriculum and teaching activities and get feedback from a community of your peers; and
  • Connect with and learn alongside other faculty, educators and technologists.

A pre-course “orientation” will take place beginning September 2nd to help familiarize participants with the basics of open learning, and tools that will be needed to get started with the first unit, beginning September 15th. Sign up to receive updates from the organizers. All are welcome, and no experience is required. Everyone will learn together in this free and fun opportunity to start planning your own connected course.

Learn more about Connected Courses, browse the syllabus, and sign up for the class here.