Developing Curriculum for Universal Web Literacy

September 23, 2015
By Educator Innovator

How do you teach and learn in ways you can’t imagine teaching and learning?

Chad Sansing, Curriculum Developer for Web Literacy with the Mozilla Foundation, addresses this question in a recent post on the Mozilla Learning blog. Sansing offers his ideas on future curriculums that involve an open process, hyper-localizability, sustainability, and a future-facing design when implementing Universal Web Literacy.

“We need a process that’s truly open in that it engages our community, meets its real needs, and benefits from its wisdom. We need open products that teachers and learners can use to read, write, and participate on the Web – and that our partners can use to explain and champion the Open Web to their stakeholders and leaders. We can gauge how successful we are at being open by how often our users remix content – like this Webmaker App teaching kit – from it.”

By Chad Sansing
Photo / Sarah Durham

Interested in finding out more? Read the full article at Mozilla Webmaker.