DIY in the Classroom

December 19, 2013
By Educator Innovator

By Megan Leppla, DIY Outreach Coordinator

DIY is a tool for kids to learn new skills, meet others who share the same passions, and generally be awesome. When we conceived DIY we weren’t thinking about its place in the classroom, we were thinking of ways to help kids achieve creative autonomy. We wanted to create a passionate community where kids could collaborate on a scale never possible before, to learn things they’ve never learned before.

It wasn’t long though before educators caught on.

My role at DIY is focused on helping educators (of every kind) make the kind of awesomeness happening on DIY a part of their culture. It’s thrilling to see DIY spread through schools – as a portfolio and assessment tool devoted to interest-driven learning.

Our community of educators meets for weekly hangouts to share best practices for adding DIY to their classrooms. These hangouts are essential for anyone curious about getting started. All are welcome to attend a hangout, and you can find the full list of scheduled hangouts in the DIY’s Classroom Resources.

I hope to see you soon!