Educating for Participatory Politics in the Digital Age

To promote digital civic learning opportunities, teams from Educating for Participatory Politics (EPP) participated in a webinar series sharing their experiences in working with educators to develop a framework of the core practices of participatory politics that articulate a new vision for civic education. This work featured two Educator Innovator partners: Youth and Participatory Politics and Facing History and Ourselves.

“For example, a district-wide survey conducted in Oakland, California in 2013, found that 93% of teachers believe that technology is essential, but 63% reported not having had ANY technology-related professional development.

“The innovative teachers I currently work with through the Educating for Participatory Politics (EPP) project are working to respond to the changing dynamics they see in the digital age. In particular, they are responding to the expanded civic and political opportunities for young people to be heard, to join together, and to work for change.”

By Erica Hodgin

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