How One School Hit the Road with Technology

December 11, 2015
By Educator Innovator

In this piece, we learn about youth in Ypsilanti, MI who are utilizing mobile technology in a combined thematic project using math and geography to plan a road trip. Our partner Digital Promise is capturing the stories that are emerging from their Verizon Innovative Learning Schools partnership that provides kids with mobile learning technology (in school and at home), and teachers with professional development.

After the initial excitement of having new devices wears off, teachers shift the focus to using technology to enhance learning. They’ve only had these devices in their classrooms for a few weeks, but teachers are already using them in innovative ways.

We hear about learning moments from our coaches and individual teachers, and from the storytellers who work to capture these victories every day. One example of enhancing student learning through technology came out of a unique cross-curricular lesson from a classroom in Ypsilanti, Michigan—the “All-American Road Trip” project. In the video below, you’ll see the lesson in action as students work on their projects. The challenge: plan out a week-long road trip on a set budget, beginning and ending in Ypsilanti.

By Emily Morris
Photo/ Digital Promise

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