Join the LRNG Innovation Challenge!

August 25, 2014
By Educator Innovator

In the fast-paced learning environments of today, one of the greatest challenges students and teachers face is finding time for deeper learning or the space to create. In response, Educator Innovator, in partnership with LRNG Innovation, the Show Me Campaign, and the MacArthur Foundation, will offer $20,000 grants to support educators in their efforts to innovate instructional practices and help students follow their interests and passions.

Proposals are now being accepted from teams of teachers working in K-12 settings to create and spread connected learning opportunities for young people. These grants will leverage the creativity, experience, and knowledge of educators to reimagine learning, and make space for the kind of interest-driven, production-centered work in schools that allows students to thrive as producers.

LRNG Innovation Challenge proposals should seek to:

  • design systems and environments in K-12 settings that innovate on existing structures of time and space
  • provide learners with opportunities to pursue interest-driven, production-centered work
  • encourage learners to interact collaboratively with peers and mentors in productive ways, either via the open web or face-to-face

Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis through October 13, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific, at which time, the application window will close.

We want today’s educators to have the opportunity to continue to inspire tomorrow’s young innovators. Are you and your colleagues up for the challenge? Learn how you can have the opportunity to pilot and test your ideas.