Learning Aloud Geekout Series

October 02, 2013
By Educator Innovator

Teen-led Geekouts are designed to enable youth to share something they have made with other youth and educators, to lead a short “making” activity for participants, and to get feedback on their work. These sessions will offer educators an opportunity to explore the potential for learning by making, and will empower youth to share their creative process and product, all while supporting connections between youth and educators across formal and informal learning spaces.

Learning Aloud Geekouts will be interactive conversations broadcast live from HOMAGO Geekouts on YouTube and will support audience participation via chat and twitter. Participation links are available below for individual Geekouts.

All geekouts will begin at 4:30 p.m. EDT/1:30 p.m PDT and run for one hour.

October 10th
View the archive of Learning Aloud Geekout #1 featuring Caroline from Assemble PHG

October 17th
View the archive of Learning Aloud Geekout#2, featuring Omar from MOUSE

October 24th
View the archive of Learning Aloud Geekout#3, featuring Alex from Digital Youth Network

October 31st
View the archive of Learning Aloud Geekout#4, featuring Zoe from Cal Academy

Kick-off Event: Learning Aloud unHangout!

On September 30th we had a kick-off “unHangout” hosted by MIT’s Media Lab and connected smart, excited people who talked passionately about their favorite topics, which included Arduino, Scratch, Wearable Tech, 3D Printing, Minecraft, and more. Everyone learned a little bit about all these topics, plus participants got to pick one topic to get an in-depth introduction from an expert in a small group environment. The archive will be posted soon so please stay tuned.


Questions about Learning Aloud? Please contact Elsa Rodriguez, Hive Chicago Program Manager.

The Learning Aloud Geekout Series is organized by the Hive Learning Networks in collaboration with HOMAGO Geekouts and the National Writing Project and offered as part of Connected Educator Month.