Raising the Big Tent to Reimagine Learning

February 17, 2015
By Educator Innovator

Educator Innovator has always aimed to raise a “big tent”—a gathering place for diverse educators, projects, and organizations—who, like our partners, are using the tools, resources, and insights of today to create learning opportunities that put young people, their interests, and their futures at the center. Our goal was to invest in ourselves as practitioners moving toward creative and connected learning, growing new practices, reshaping our schools or learning institutions, testing out promising approaches, tools, and strategies to make learning more relevant, equitable, and engaged. This past fall, these ideas eventuated in the LRNG Innovation Challenges where, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and John Legend’s Show Me Campaign, the Educator Innovator was able to invest directly in teams of teachers with spreadable, scalable ideas about reimagining learning in our own backyards.

But even with our focus on practice, we know that building the future of learning will take all of us: not only the teachers, librarians, and youth development mentors who do the work on the ground, but also the policy-makers, system leaders, funders, and families who shape ideas about education. For that reason, we were pleased to be featured in a new campaign called Reimagine Learning. The Reimagine Learning campaign is shaped, in part, by leaders in the entertainment industry as well as 70+ organizations and individuals representing social entrepreneurs, funders, policy influencers, researchers, and members of the creative community. They are joined by a diverse group of students who serve as critical thought-partners to the initiative. Their goal is to change the conversation about teaching and learning in our public school.

Announced today at Fashion Week, Reimagine Learning hopes to harness the talents of the creative community to advocate for a learner-centric approach to education where every student is supported, engaged, and empowered. We were proud that Megan Zabilansky and Bryan Ripley Crandall from the LRNG Challenge team in Connecticut, as well as John Legend himself, were present to make the case for investing directly in educator-powered and youth-led innovation in our nation’s schools.

With Reimagine Learning, our big tent just got a whole lot bigger.