Our Audience

Our audience is made up of early adopters and influencers in K16 schools, libraries, and community spaces.


We work with over 95,000 educators in classrooms and other education spaces each year reaching 6 million students.

Unique Users

More than 300,000 unique users generate over 112,000 webpage views each month.


We have 89,000 individual followers on Facebook and Twitter that create over 6.5M impressions each year, or roughly 540,000 impressions each month.

Media Metrics

> 11K
Podcast Streams

Podcast streams and downloads average nearly 950 each month, or over 11,000 per year.

YouTube Subscribers

Webinars are pushed out to 1,400 subscribers each month.


Video content receives nearly 12,000 views each year.

Minutes Watched

Those views total over 77,000 minutes watched, an average of 6,400 minutes each month.

How to participate

Be a Sponsor

Associate your brand with ideas you embrace by supporting our community of leading educators as they engage in projects and create content you value—connect your organization with ideas that matter.

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Become a Partner

Join our virtual hub where partners reach audiences, curate open, free or low-cost content, conduct webinars, and develop or advertise programs—all associated directly with their organization’s identity.

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Your donation to Educator Innovator supports a connected ecosystem that includes not only schools, but also home, community, institutions, and networks—one that can be more powerful by being more connected.

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Quotes from our partners

“The Current is a trusted resource for educators deeply invested in production-centered, peer-supported, interest-driven learning, and we were delighted to contribute to the site and share these lesson plans with fellow connected learning practitioners.”
Patricia Monticella Kievlan
Sprout Fund, Pittsburgh
“Educator Innovator has been a truly invaluable partner in expanding our network and connecting our resources with educators and students. With their support, we have increased our reach and strengthened our partnerships. We have also connected with other inspiring education organizations to reflect on ways to improve our work and to work collaboratively to activate students' curiosity and voices.”
Fareed Mostoufi
Senior Education Manager, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
“Educator Innovator and the National Writing Project connect us to an invaluable community of teachers and organizations whose shared insights and support have been instrumental in the development of our own Connected Learning product.”
Stephen Hood
Co-founder and CEO, StoriumEdu
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