Teach The Web Talks from Mozilla

March 16, 2015
By Educator Innovator

Teach The Web Talks are webinars that are broadcast monthly by the Mozilla foundation as part of its Webmaker educational initiative. You are invited to join community experts in discussions on all things related to education and the web. Each talk will last approximately one hour with group participation.

Here’s the standard call agenda:

  • 10 mins—Welcomes and introductions
  • 20 mins—Discussion with speaker
  • 15 mins—Q&A period with speaker
  • 5–10 mins—Additional business and wrap-up

How to Get Involved

These calls are open to everyone and you are encouraged to join in on the discussion, ask questions or advice, and come together to learn and share ideas about education and the web. You are also invited to subscribe to the mailing list to have updates sent directly to you.

Step 1—Send in Your Questions
You can join the discussion, ask questions, and share ideas about education and the web by sending Webmaker questions on Twitter using the hashtag #TeachTheWeb and on the discourse thread beforehand.

Step 2—Watch the Webinar
Webinars will be available via Google Hangout on the Mozilla Wiki. The recording of the podcast, and all previous calls, are available to download.

Other Info

Times will be announced at least two weeks in advance of the call on the Mozilla Wiki and will be displayed in multiple time zones. More information, including previous shows, can also be found on the wiki.

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