The Seventh Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest

June 09, 2016
By Educator Innovator

Every Friday from June 17–August 19, teens can submit an essay in The New York Times Learning Network’s summer reading contest by outlining what current events they found to be the most interesting in The Times that week.

“Whatever the subject, you’ll see that the best pieces year after year make both personal connections to the news and go beyond the personal to discuss the broader questions and ideas that the topic raises.

So whether you were moved by an article, enlightened by an essay, bowled over by a photo, irked by an editorial or inspired by a feature, find something in The Times that genuinely interests you and tell us why, as honestly and originally as you can.”

By Katherine Schulten

Interested in finding out more? Read the full article at The Learning Network.

Photo/ Jason Miczek