Bringing the Hour of Code to Your Classroom—An <i>Educator Innovator</i> Webinar

October 07, 2014
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT
By Educator Innovator

Last year, 15 million students tried the Hour of Code in one week! It was everywhere—from the Google homepage to the White House to classrooms all across the world. It’s happening again this year during Computer Science Education Week, December 8–14. This webinar includes an update of what to expect this year and how to bring the movement to your students this December.

Guests for this webinar included:
Laura Bradley, Bay Area Writing Project teacher-consultant and middle school teacher
Laura Kline, marketing
Kim Douillard, San Diego Area Writing Project director and elementary teacher
Paul Oh, National Writing Project senior associate

Live Chat Archive
Click here to view and download a PDF version of the live chat conversation that happened during the webinar.

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“What Most Schools Don’t Teach”
Computer Science Ed Week
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Interconnections Series Studio
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