Brother Mike Hawkins- A YOUmedia Perspective: Remixing Connections, Culture, and Creativity

April 17, 2012
8:00am - 9:00am PST
By Educator Innovator

“Brother Mike” Hawkins will share his personal experience about YOUmedia Chicago and the power and potential of interest-driven learning.

Key Questions and Comments:

  • (21:54) What’s the role of a mentor during [informal, unstructured] times?
  • (26:42) How has the vision of YOUmedia evolved over the past three years? What do you see as the next phase of development?
  • (35:39) What are the mechanisms through which you’re thinking about tying that interest-driven learning in the ‘hangout’ environment, in that more informal environment of YOUmedia, to the traditional classroom curriculum?
  • (36:15) If the YOUmedia project becomes a catalyst for taking learning into the connected realm outside of the school…what do you see as far as motion towards receiving credit for what these young people are doing? Or maybe even creating landscapes of learning that could be acknowledged…as official learning in some way?
  • (42:13) If kids are exposed, in these spaces (these YOUmedia and other spaces like that) to teachers who are messing around and geeking out, can’t we trust that that curiosity within is going to do us much better than “the core”?

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During the broadcast, the conversation also took place on Twitter using the hashtag #connectedlearning.

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