Building a Learning Community on a Minecraft Server

November 03, 2015
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm PST
By Luke Hokama

Webinar focus: What does it take to launch, moderate, and grow a learning community on a Minecraft server?

Host Mimi Ito talks with guests about building a learning community on a Minecraft server. With the right care and feeding, Minecraft servers can host thriving learning communities that foster peer mentorship, digital citizenship, and collaborative creation.

Our guest speakers addressed questions via the Google Hangout “Q&A” feature and on Twitter using the hashtag #ConnectedLearning.

About this series: This webinar was part of a November 2015 CLTV series titled “Supporting Connected Learning Experiences in Minecraft,” and was organized by our partner Connected Camps.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Mimi Ito (host), Cultural Anthropologist, Co-Founder of Connected Camps
  • Victor Lazo, System Administrator, Connected Camps
  • Zachary Hart, Computer Game Science Student, UC Irvine; Lead Counselor, Connected Camps
  • Michael Langlois, Psychotherapist; Gamer; Author of Reset: Video Games & Psychotherapy

Resources from this webinar:

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