Elyse Eidman-Aadahl – Communities of Practice for Professional Learning: Connected Learning for Adults

August 14, 2012
10:00am - 11:00am PST
By Educator Innovator

Can the concept of communities of practice help frame connected learning in the workplace and beyond?

Key Questions and Comments:

  • (28:14) How do you design experiences for adults that are about what they’re learning and what they’re interested in? The inquiry-based model definitely fits into that category. I think about it in terms of ‘How do you use that concept to motivate people to continue to do the work that we do?’
  • (33:09) Does learning–in the context that we’re talking about here–mean ‘mastering content’ or does it mean learning a process of problem-solving?
  • (41:26) How do you ensure that this hierarchy doesn’t play into the work that goes into working with youth? As the support person, how do you ensure that the people are getting what they need, but most importantly, that everybody […] feels like they’re part of a team?
  • (44:08) How does connectedness offer something different than the characteristics that Elyse offered in the first two slides (Interest-powered, Peer-supported, Academically oriented)?
  • (57:54) What do you think is the critical first step for reimagining a culture of participatory learning, working in typical hierarchical environments?

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