Experience Poetry in the 21st Century —An <em>Educator Innovator</em> Webinar

August 14, 2014
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT
By Educator Innovator

There is no such thing as “getting” or “not getting” poetry. There is simply experiencing poetry—and so many new ways to do so in the 21st century. Programs like the National Student Poets Program, presented by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, champion the creative expression of young artists. What is Poetry 2.0? National Student Poet Louis Lafair, along with Elisa New (Professor of Poetry at Harvard University), Jeremy Dean (Chief of Education at Genius.com), and Sarah Kay (Founder of Project VOICE),discuss the new face of poetry.

Guests for this webinar included:
Jeremy Dean
Sarah Kay
Louis Lafair
Elisa New
Paul Oh

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Student Poets Program
National Student Poets Program Facebook Page
Poetry 2.0
Sarah Kay’s TED Talk
Genius.com annotation of Sarah Kay’s TED Talk
Poetry in America MOOC
Project Voice

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