From Inquiry to Action: Civic Engagement with Project-Based Learning in All Content Areas

May 08, 2018
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm PDT
By Educator Innovator

Join Steven Zemelman, author of From Inquiry to Action: Civic Engagement with Project-Based Learning in All Content Areas, for a conversation about how educators can support youth to become, not only college and career ready, but citizen ready as well. Guests will discuss practical steps for preparing students for civic engagement via research, argument, speaking and listening, engaged reading, writing for real audiences and purposes, and collaboration. Zemelman is joined by educators Mauricio Pineda, Elizabeth Robbins, and Heather Van Benthuysen and the co-founders of Marginal Syllabus, Remi Kalir and Joe Dillon, for a discussion of the text, which is the featured article this month for Writing Our Civic Futures, which explores a range of scholarship on civic engagement and supports their web annotation at Educator Innovator.

Guests for this episode include:

  • Joe Dillon (host), teacher, Rangeview High School in Aurora Public Schools in Colorado and Denver Writing Project Teacher Consultant
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development
  • Steven Zemelman, Director of the Illinois Writing Project and independent education consultant, speaker, and writer
  • Heather Van Benthuysen, Civic Education Manager for Chicago Public Schools. Education consultant, speaker, presenter, and writer
  • Mauricio Pineda, Chicago arts and restorative practices educator, working at Reilly Elementary School and DePaul University
  • Elizabeth Robbins, high school history teacher in the Chicago Public Schools

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