Live from Mozfest: We are Building and Teaching the Web!

October 26, 2014
6:30 am - 7:30 am PDT
By Educator Innovator

Get a live, inside look at all the connected learning fun that took place at the Mozilla Foundation Festival in London. Broadcasted from the 6th floor where NWP practitioners (or “wranglers”), friends, and participants made and learned together, find out what is important about building and teaching the web, connect with some tools of webmaking, and celebrate what it means to create and not just consume online together.

Guests for this webinar included:
Christina Cantrill, National Writing Project
Antero Garcia, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University
Laura Hilliger, Mozilla Webmaker
Paul Oh, National Writing Project
Jane Park, Creative Commons and School of Open
Chad Sansing, Technology Education instructor in Central Virginia, NWP and Mozilla Webmaker collaborator
Kim Wilkens, Tech-Girls and Tech-Girls Project LLC
Matt Williams, KQED Education

Connected Educator Month
Ravensbourne College
Tracks at MozFest
NWP Digital Is
Creative Commons
School of Open
Mozilla App Maker
GoPop, Visual Communication App
Connected Learning
Tech Girls
Terms of Service
Pursuitery Minecraft Camp
Mozilla Web Literacies
Media Breaker

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