LRNG Innovators: Playable Fashion, Live from the 2018 NWP Resource Development Retreat

September 25, 2018
By Educator Innovator

Host Christina Cantrill sits down with project leads from Playable Fashion, one of our 2015 LRNG Innovators Challenge grant recipients to discuss the project and learn about what’s happened since the program was initially funded.

About the Project

Playable Fashion was designed to introduce youth to the concepts and techniques needed to create their own games and custom wearable game controllers, inspired by their own personal narratives. Sitting at the intersection between fashion, technology, and gaming, the overall goal of the program was to help teens develop the tools and knowledge they need to become the makers, not just the consumers, of games, coding, wearable fashion, and technology. In addition, by combining critical skill development in technology—and by providing a participatory means for applying this within the intersection of game design and wearable technology—Playable Fashion gave students the grounding to continue their STEAM learning and to understand the many career possibilities that this knowledge offers.


  • Krystel Theuvenin, Academy for Innovative Technology
  • Joanna Gould, Eyebeam

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