LRNG Innovators: Let ’em Shine and Green is the New Pink, Live at the 2018 NWP Resource Development Retreat

August 21, 2018
By Educator Innovator

Host Christina Cantrill sits down with project leads from two of our 2017 Innovators Challenge grant recipients to discuss the positive outcomes, as well as the challenges, from the work that took place over the course of last year.

About the Projects

Let ’em Shine: Energized by recent community debates over local Confederate monuments, The Let ‘Em Shine project invited students to help unite the community by creating a symbolic “monument” that told a broader story and honors the rich cultural history of Charlottesville, Virginia. The monument is a collection of digital artifacts that showcase voices through virtual reality 360-degree movies, interactive apps, documentaries, original songs and lyrics, and other student-selected formats. Middle and high school students collaborated with community leaders and corporate sponsors to conduct field and academic research as they designed and developed these artifacts.

Green is the New Pink: Green Is the New Pink supported young women in grades 8-11 to tap into their interests through environmental research and problem-solving. They learned citizen science procedures linked to career pathways in environmental science and conservation alongside teachers associated with The University of Mississippi Writing Project, the University of Mississippi Field Station, and the Audubon Society’s Strawberry Plains. Each student developed a project that affected her local natural environment and then presented her work at a public event on the University of Mississippi campus.


  • Sandra McLaughlin, Western Albemarle High School
  • Angela Stokes, Albemarle County Public Schools
  • Ellen Shelton, University of Mississippi

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