Educator Innovator

To educate and inspire a generation of young people to be innovators—to create, build, design, and use their talents to improve their world—we need to value the creative capacity in the mentors and teachers who support them. To that end, Educator Innovator, powered by the National Writing Project, provides an online hub for educators and organizations who value open learning and whose interests and spirits exemplify creative and Connected Learning: an approach that sees learning as interest-driven, peer supported, and oriented toward powerful outcomes.

Educator Innovator and its partners share the goal of creating more powerful and connected learning for youth through bringing together learning and leadership opportunities for teachers, youth workers, mentors, librarians, and museum educators that are open, re-mixable, and typically free or low-cost. At Educator Innovator we do not see learning as the province of one institution or service, but rather see our learning institutions and organizations as parts of a larger ecosystem for learning, one that can be more powerful by being more connected.

Join supporters such as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, John Legend’s Show Me Campaign, the National Writing Project, and numerous individual donors in powering the next generation of learning opportunities.