Connected Learning All Summer Long with Parent Playlists

July 28, 2017
By Educator Innovator

Parent Playlists, from LRNG and Educator Innovator, offer fun activities that engage parents and kids in connected learning all summer long, highlighting the ways that learning happens in all aspects of life.

Educator Innovator is excited to announce Playlists for Parents and we invite you to participate! Along with our partners at LRNG, we embarked on this summer experiment in connected learning as a way to engage parents and children in fun activities that underscore how learning happens, not just in school, but in all aspects of life, whether it’s on a walk with the dog or in the preparation of a family meal. We also hope these activities provide a loose structure for parents and kids to simply hang out and enjoy each other’s company during summer down time.

The first of these playlists, which focuses on cooking, eating, and local foodways, is called Summer Eats! The second, which focuses on storytelling via a range of genres and media, is called Summer Adventure Story. The third playlist focuses on insects and other arthropods; it’s called Bug Out! Designed for all ages, they are meant to specifically support youth under 13 and be useable, with parental support, for much younger children, too.

We invite you to dig into these playlists at your own pace and convenience; activities are structured around how much time you have available, so you’ll find things to do if you’ve got 5 minutes or an entire weekend. Engage via the hashtag #WeAreLRNG on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram), and share your experiences with these playlists and the creations that come from them.

We’re still open to input on the design and development of the playlists, so you can use the #WeAreLRNG hashtag to give us that type of feedback as well. We’d also love you to share your thoughts about the playlists in this very brief survey; your opinions are valuable to us, and future playlists will reflect your ideas.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to share these playlists with other parents, friends, and colleagues this summer. We think they’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, and enjoy!

—The Educator Innovator Team