Digital Promise 2014 Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winners Announced

Digital Promise believes that in order for innovation to spread in education, we first have to elevate the visibility of where it’s already in practice.

To that end, they’ve partnered with EdSurge to celebrate the leadership and work of teachers, administrators, and organizations with the 2014 Digital Innovation in Learning Awards (DILA). More than 550 people submitted a three-minute video demonstrating their practice for awards in categories like Busting Boundaries, “Power to the People,” and Research@Work. The seventeen winners selected, including Educator Innovator partner Common Sense Media, show that technology is being used to engage and inspire learning every single day. Winners will be further celebrated at a November awards gala in Silicon Valley.

View the list of awardees and their winning videos in the playlist below.

Educator Winners

Busting Boundaries
Kristopher Hupp, Cornell School District, Pittsburgh, PA

Community Counts
Millibeth Currie, Moultrie Middle School, Charleston, SC

Creative Director
Michael Hernandez, Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach, CA

Sharing is Caring
Rachel Iufer, Saint Lawrence Academy, Santa Clara, CA
Sarah Thomas, Prince George’s County Public Schools, Prince George’s County, MD

Teacher Trailblazer
David Lowe, Confer and Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA

Administrator Winners

Administrator Trailblazer
Aileen Owens, The South Fayette Township School District, South Fayette, PA

Open Door Policy
Oliver Sicat, Ednovate and Hybrid High School, Los Angeles, CA

Power to the People
Donna Teuber, Richland School District Two, Columbia, SC

Walk the Walk
S. Dallas Dance, Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore, MD

We Are Family
Barbara Nemko, Napa County Office of Education, Napa, CA

Organization Winners

Better Together
Common Sense Media, San Francisco, CA

Crystal Clear
Clever, San Francisco, CA

Listen & Learn
Accelerate Learning: STEMscopes, Houston, TX

Mindful Data
LightSail, New York City, NY
Zaption, San Francisco, CA

Research @ Work

Attainment Company, Verona, WI