Mozilla Offers Training and Guides to Teach Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality, the principle that all online content or data, regardless of who creates it or receives it, should be given equal footing by Internet Service Providers – which was a founding principle of the Internet – is currently under threat by a recent court ruling. As a result of that ruling, policymakers are considering the possible creation of, in essence, “fast” and “slow” lanes on the web by allowing some data to be prioritized over others.

Organizations such as the Mozilla Foundation, an Educator Innovator  partner, are working to engage and inform educators of not just the speed and productivity that will likely be lost with the elimination of Net Neutrality, but also the creativity and innovation that could be blocked in the process if those of us without means to afford it are forced into a “slow” Internet lane.

In addition, Mozilla has issued a global call to action “using the open web to save the open web” via several free online engagement and learning opportunities where everyone, including educators, can learn more about Net Neutrality as well as what can be done to voice concern and support the preservation of Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality Teaching Kit
Educators and activists looking for innovative and interactive ways to explain Net Neutrality to learners of all ages can do so using the Net Neutrality Teaching Kit. Comprised of activities that invite users to discover, create, and take action, the kit makes it easy to teach Net Neutrality in learning environments varying from one-on-one discussions to traditional classroom settings.

Internet Freedom “Teach-In” Training
Not sure how or where to get started? Mozilla has also organized worldwide “’teach-ins” to help share best practices for explaining Net Neutrality and why it matters. Beginning August 4th, educators, local organizers, and other interested parties can participate in a free training session designed to give them the tools and information to hold events and teach-ins locally.

Host an Event and Spread the Word
Knowledge in hand, educators and learners are invited to help increase impact by hosting meet-ups, teach-ins, or local events. This special guide for hosting a Net Neutrality Maker Party outlines organization, activities, and how to share your creations (videos, pictures, posters, etc.) online. Share what you’ve learned and link your ideas and creations with the greater community using the Twitter hashtags #TeamInternet and #teachtheweb (and share your thoughts in the #teachtheweb discussion board).

Learn more about Mozilla’s efforts to educate, empower, and organize, and browse a growing library of resources for teaching Net Neutrality here.