Student Contest | Write a Review

November 02, 2015
By Educator Innovator

The New York Times Learning Network is running a student contest challenging young people to join the ranks of critics everywhere:

“Do you have strong opinions about music, art, fashion, theater or books? Are you a cinephile or foodie?

If so, you’re in luck. Between now and Nov. 24, 2015, we invite you to play critic and write an original review for our newest student contest.

What can you choose? Anything that fits into a category of creative expression that The New York Times covers — from architecture to video games.

We do ask, however, that you pick something new to you. Part of the reason we are creating this contest is to encourage you to stretch your cultural imagination. So go see a local art, design or fashion show; explore a building; watch a movie or TV show or dance performance or play; listen to an album; read a book; play a game or eat in a restaurant that is novel and interesting to you.”

By Michael Gonchar and Katherine Schulten

Interested in entering the contest and finding out more? Read the full article at The Learning Network.