Creating Student Upstanders in Today’s World (Part 2): The Holocaust and Human Behavior

August 12, 2015
11:30am - 12:30pm PDT
By Educator Innovator

Webinar focus: How does studying the history of the Holocaust help students develop a voice today?

About this Webinar: Host Mary Hendra has a conversation with Michael Berenbaum, Annie Brown, and Dan Alba on studying the Holocaust.

For almost forty years, Facing History and Ourselves has used a close examination of the Holocaust to help students reflect on human behavior and recognize the small steps which can lead to collective violence and genocide. Students regularly comment that this approach leaves them feeling empowered. One noted, “The world needs me to act. And if my choices matter, then I matter.” In this webinar Dr. Michael Berenbaum, former director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, joined us to explore the power of studying the Holocaust and what that can look like for students.

Our guest speakers addressed questions via the Hangout “Q&A” feature and on Twitter using the hashtags #ConnectedLearning and #Upstander.

In partnership with CLTV, Educator Innovator shared this month’s webinars as part of an August 2015 series titled “Creating Student Upstanders in Today’s World,” which was organized by Facing History and Ourselves.

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Guests for this webinar included:

  • Mary Hendra (host)-leads the Los Angeles program team for Facing History and Ourselves, conducting workshops, seminars, teacher coaching and in-depth school work. She also guides California state-wide efforts in piloting innovations and increasing access to Facing History resources.
  • Dr. Michael Berenbaum-is the director of the Sigi Ziering Institute, which explores the ethical and religious implications of the Holocaust, and has been a professor of Jewish studies at American Jewish University (AJU) since 2002. He is a writer, lecturer, and teacher consulting in the conceptual development of museums and the development of historical films.
  • Annie Brown -teaches at Marlborough School in Southern California, and is a member of the LA Facing History Teacher Leadership Team.
  • Dan Alba -taught for 16 years in LAUSD and has taught educators at Facing History and Ourselves for the past 20 years, marking over 36 years teaching the Holocaust and Human Behavior case study as well as other Facing History curricula.
  • Elaine Guarnieri-Nunn – is Director of the San Francisco Bay Area office of Facing History and Ourselves, taught the Holocaust and Human Behavior case study for students and teachers in LAUSD and in Northern California, and now guides the work of Facing History in Northern California.

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