“Imagine what it would look like if all our schools were set up to help youth discover
and pursue their passions instead of guiding them along a predictable path.”

—John Legend


Spark an Interest; Ignite a Passion:
The 2017 LRNG Innovators Challenge

LRNG Innovators began in 2014 and launched its third challenge in the beginning of 2017, inviting educators to imagine engaging ways to help young people explore their interests, thereby igniting a passion that can lead to college, to a career, or having a positive impact in the community. We sought proposals for programs, curricula, or projects that actively help youth discover interests connecting the spheres of their lives, both in and out of school, and provide potential future opportunities.

Connected Learning research demonstrates that all young people benefit from opportunities to follow their interests with the support of peers and mentors and that give them the time and space to create work that is meaningful to them. With support from the National Writing Project, John Legend’s Show Me Campaign, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Collective Shift (lrng.org), the LRNG Innovators Challenge will support teams of educators in designing, testing, and sharing solutions that build the future of creative and connected learning today.

The application deadline was March 16, 2017 and the winners of the challenge will be announced on this page May 1, 2017.