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Networked Narratives (#netnarr) is an open connected course of digital storytelling, world building, civic imagination, and a bit of digital alchemy hosted online and as a course at Kean University during the Spring 2017.

This studio visit, co-streamed here at Educator Innovator, is with Howard Rheingold and Mamie Rheingold, and focuses on the question: What does it mean to be “Net Smart”?

How have reading and writing literacies transformed due to new media tools and forums? How can we better prepare our students to read/write in this 21st century context?

This is a field trip in which we discuss network culture and ponder the role of new storytelling applications. Mamie Rheingold shares “On Universe”. We played with the new app before the session, and discuss what we made and what we thought we could do with the tool. How do new tools help us think outside the box when we make & design new stories?

Participants for this Webinar Include:

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