Connected Learning and Play All Summer Long

June 01, 2020
By Educator Innovator

A set of updated summer playlists, designed with the framework of Connected Learning in mind, offer fun activities that engage parents and kids in connected learning all summer long, highlighting the ways that learning happens in all aspects of life.

During this time of physical distancing when many camps and other summer opportunities are closed to youth and their families, we will be posting summer playlists once a month as a way to engage in fun activities that underscore how learning happens—not just in school, but in all aspects of life—whether it’s on a walk with the dog or in the preparation of a family meal. We also hope these activities provide a loose structure for families to simply hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

The first of these playlists, which focuses on cooking, eating, and local foodways, is called Summer Eats! Designed for all ages, they are meant to specifically support youth under 13 and are able to be used, with parental support, for much younger children.

In July we introduced Bug Out!, a set of activities that sends participants on a search for bugs and encourages exploration of their habitats, followed by activities for making bug-inspired crafts.

And finally, in August we introduce Late Summer Storytelling Adventure, an invitation to create and tell summer stories. Whether it’s exploring behind the house or apartment, leveling up in a favorite online game, or getting ready to head back to school, there’s always a story to tell.

We invite you to dig into these playlists at your own pace and convenience; activities are structured around how much time you have available, so you’ll find things to do if you’ve got 5 minutes or an entire weekend. Engage via the hashtags #WriteNow and #NWP on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram), and share your experiences with these playlists and the creations that come from them.

Happy play!