Register Now for Edcamp USDOE

March 12, 2014
By Educator Innovator

by Kristen Swanson, Edcamp Founder

The Edcamp Foundation team is excited to be partnering with the United States Department of Education for Edcamp USDOE on June 6, 2014.

This collaboration was borne out of discussion at the Educon conference in Philadelphia this year related to professional development for teachers, microcredentials, and lifelong learning.

The purpose of Edcamp USDOE is to bring together educators and policy makers in open, transparent, authentic conversation. The daylong event will explore a variety of themes; topics will be generated on the day of the event in typical Edcamp fashion.

As space is limited for the event, the Edcamp Foundation will keep the free event open to all by running a lottery. The Foundation felt this was important to insure that a diverse mix of people had an opportunity to attend. Of course, we wish that we had enough room for everyone, but unfortunately the space available won’t permit that. So, please put your name in the lottery once and we’ll notify you in early April about your status as an attendee.

We’re excited that Edcampers all over the nation and world will have the opportunity to model this invigorating form of teacher-driven professional development for our nation’s leaders. Join us!